OF COURSE, I had to try again to see and photograph the first-ever-documented-in-USA, South American resident, GREAT BLACK HAWK, currently in Portland, Maine. Two weeks ago I was skunked. Today was different. With the aid of my wife’s frequent flier miles, I was back at Deering Oaks Park this morning, accompanied by at least 30 avid birders from around the country. The pictures tell it all. YOU, please indicate your favorite and help me decide which one will be enlarged, printed and framed. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hawk-watchers (Portland, Maine)

Great Black Hawk (Portland, Maine)

Great Black Hawk

Great Black Hawk

Great Black Hawk

Great Black Hawk

Great Black Hawk

About George C. Wood

A birder since age ten, but not necessarily an avid "lister", I am closing in on 700 (*800!) species seen in North America.....hoping to capture each sighting with my camera.
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31 Responses to GREAT BLACK HAWK (take two)

  1. Congrats, George! A beauty.

  2. Jay Bennett says:

    Puss: What a bad ass bird!! Looks like an eagle it’s so large!! I love the pix. Can’t go wrong w either squirrel kill shot!

    Love to Nina

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  3. Jeff Day says:

    Way to go, George! I like the second or the fifth photo, but all are great!

  4. jjshaws says:

    Without hesitation #6 wins! You captured a perfect look – the eye says it all! Xoxo, Jeanie . . . sent from my iPhone


  5. Bob Roche says:

    Congrats Cappy! Persistence pays off again. I love the one where he’s taking flight. HNY!

    All the best.

    Bob Roche 484-802-3648


  6. says:

    Number One!! —-or #5 —-

  7. Hi Jeanie. The 6th of the 7 photos…OR….penultimate bird photo? Bright eye.

  8. david lincoln says:

    Nice work George. Persistence!
    I vote for the first one or the second to last one.

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  9. Henry Maguire says:

    Well done Maguire

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  10. Anne Parish says:

    Hi George! Congratulations, so glad you saw her/him! I choose #5, against the branches and blue sky. Hope you and Nina and family are enjoying the holidays. xx Anne


  11. Sharon Gordon says:

    Awesome George! All the photos are great. It’s rare to see a photo where the bird is eating her prey. Some folks would appreciate the Hawk eating the squirrel and not chewing on their wire at home.
    Again, congrats!

  12. Steve Stuart AOL says:


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  13. Mace says:

    Great going, George. My vote goes to #3 (dark back plumage combined with squirrel tail).

  14. Julie Foster says:

    2nd one down from the top, bird perched against tree, labeled Great Black Hawk (Portland, Maine).

  15. Lisa says:

    2nd one down from top (under the birdwatchers). Bird is sitting on a V in the branches…. I like to think it’s for Victory – you did it!
    Great photography:)

  16. Larry Rowe says:

    I think the first shot of the hawk is thhe best

  17. Joe K says:

    Nicely done, George! Impressive sticktoitiveness!! Impossible to choose among these shots….I’d frame them all together!

  18. Cheers Lars. Hope all is well with you. HNY!

  19. Peter Rittenhouse says:

    Second from the top – perched in the tree. Regal.

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