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This blog is meant to journalize the stories and photos captured along the march to see 700 (*800!) North American bird species in my lifetime.


CONGRATULATIONS to my eldest (Sarah) for recently becoming engaged to Ben Yudysky! She is the person responsible for the creation of this blog over ten years ago. A trip to Miami to celebrate them was in order. Bonus for me … Continue reading

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I am still smiling after picking up the code 4 Nutting’s Flycatcher – ABA lifer #811. As promised, here are a sampling of photographs of other birds seen in the canyons of Southeastern Arizona. Enjoy!

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I had no intention of traveling to Arizona until Nina mentioned she had a business trip to Phoenix. The timing coincided with my spring break so I decided to hit SE Arizona before joining her for the upcoming weekend. My … Continue reading

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PA Landfill hosts a (potential) CODE 5!

I have always been fascinated by landfills. In a previous life, I was the Operations Director of The Waste System Authority of Montgomery County (Pa). My responsibility was to license and regulate the municipal waste haulers and, in the interest … Continue reading

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The best chance one has to see and possibly photograph the very elusive yellow rail, a small chicken-like bird, is to attend the Yellow Rail & Rice Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana. The yellow rail breeds in northern Canada and spends … Continue reading

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Bird Tales: A Lifetime Pursuit

Dear loyal blog followers, I am pleased to inform you that my “bird book” was published yesterday and is available for purchase on Amazon. This 120 page manuscript is basically autobiographical and ties many of my blog posts together chronologically. … Continue reading

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What are the odds (x2)!?

The Oriental Turtle-Dove ranges mainly from Asia to Japan. Technically it has now been seen three times in California but realistically the chances of seeing one in the USA are basically 0% (see #221 below). I received a NARBA (North … Continue reading

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I was hesitating to write any more blogs partly because I have surpassed my goal of seeing 800 species in the USA/Canada but mainly because I did not want to diminish the significance of my recent post recording the INCREDIBLE … Continue reading

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The intrepid Steller’s Sea-Eagle is basically an endangered species native to Russia and Japan. It had NEVER been spotted in Canada or the Lower 48 states until this past summer. Startlingly, one was photographed in New Brunswick, Canada in July, … Continue reading

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ABA AREA #800!

Apologies for bombarding you with blogposts today but I promise….this is IT for awhile. Besides, I need to keep doing something to fight the red-eye jet lag:) After the excitement of Mr. Middendorff, my mind immediately shifted to: #800 has … Continue reading

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